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Causes of Dyslexia

Here we will learn about what causes dyslexia and what dyslexia affects in a person.

Researchers have found that dyslexia is an inherited condition.  Researchers have determined that a gene on the short arm of chromosome # 6 is responsible for dyslexia.  This gene is dominant, making dyslexia highly heritable, causeing it to run in families.

Letter reversals are not common to all who have learning challenges. However, recent research suggests that dairy products are a common cause of this situation. Students who consume cow's milk, cheese and ice cream often exhibit the symptoms of letter reversals, confusing the letters "b", "d", and "p" with one another. The solution to letter reversals? Eliminate dairy products from the student's diet for two weeks. Substitute a product like "Rice Dream", which is a cow's milk substitute based on rice, not soy. It contains vitamin B12, which helps maintain healthy nerve cells and red blood cells, and is also needed to make DNA, the genetic material in all cells. If a noticeable change has occurred after two weeks of this test, your student should eliminate dairy products from his or her diet, and may be allergic to dairy products as a whole.


Done by a college student at California Baptist University