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How to Test and Assess Dyslexia

On this one, it shows how color overlays work on a dyslexic student. When you click you will be sent to another web page please click on CLICK HERE FOR A SAMPLE to view the video

Here is a reading test to help you see how some of the tests are for Dyslexia Students. CLick and it will open up in a new window.

There's no single test for dyslexia. Diagnosis involves an evaluation of medical, cognitive, sensory-processing, educational and psychological factors. Your doctor may ask about your child's developmental and medical history as well as your family medical history.

Your doctor may also suggest that your child undergo:

             Vision, hearing and neurological evaluations. These evaluations can help determine whether another disorder may be causing or contributing to your child's poor reading ability.

             A psychological assessment. This can help determine whether social problems, anxiety or depression may be limiting your child's abilities.

             An evaluation of educational skills. Your child may take a set of educational tests and have the process and quality of his or her reading skills analyzed by an expert.


Done by a college student at California Baptist University